Monday, October 18, 2010

Tofu Banh Mi

Today I made Tofu Banh Mi’s from the Lucid Food cookbook. The recipe was super easy to follow and pretty quick too!

Im a pretty big fan of Vietnamese sandwiches, but what I don’t like is the ‘gristle factor’ – I don’t like gristle, cartilage and bumpy things in food that shouldn't be there. Sausages rate very very high on the gristle factor and so does the assorted meats that are normally inside the local Banh Mi’s that we get.  Disgusting little surprises, like gristle, totally ruin a meal for me and is probably why we don’t eat a lot of meat in our house. The great thing about these Banh Mi’s is that they are made with tofu! no gristle

One of my favorite parts of this recipe was the marinade/spread for the tofu itself. Its was made with anchovies (Jason’s wont know that until he reads this – sorry hun!), miso, garlic, honey, mirin, dijon mustard and olive oil. This marinade adds a ton of flavor to the tofu and really deepens during the baking.

This recipe was a hit! we’ll make it again! what to try tomorrow? hmm..

xoxo S.


Anonymous said...

Heyo...I was at McNally Robinson Grant Park and they have the Lucid Foods cookbook (3 copies) in the discount area for $8. Good deals!

Serena said...

Whoa! good deals! thanks for the heads up :)

Kristina said...

I'm totally with you on the gristle factor -- it's what I hate most about the errant Banh Mi from questionable sources -- one day the meat is fine and well seasoned and recognizable, the next it's come kind of caramelized gristle and bone meal. Horrid. The funny thing is, it's my favorite sandwich when it's done right -- so I generally get veggie only and add my own meat. I've been meaning to make a tofu version for a very long time. Thanks for the reminder and the recipe, and, being in solidarity with me regarding Funky Meat Parts.

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